Dreambeats - Aftermovie


Dreambeats festival Kortemark

Our latest aftermovie presents a captivating narrative that appeals to both young and old audiences, effectively including both demographic groups. It showcases all the artists involved, highlighting our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. This project stands out for its creative and innovative techniques, setting a new standard in the industry. Additionally, we incorporated a live stream production, allowing audiences to experience the event in real-time, adding a dynamic and interactive element to our production."

We ensured the production of high-end content during the festival itself, primarily through reels posted on stories. This approach offers a significant advantage as it enables content recycling. By leveraging these dynamic, short-form videos, we were able to engage our audience in real-time and extend the life of our content beyond the festival, offering fresh perspectives and a continuous connection with our audience."

Behind the scenes picture


Director: Egon Persyn
Video 1: Joshua Minne
Video 2: Egon Persyn
ITV: Chanou Trioen
Live content: Benjamin Pire
BTS: Phaedra Mussche
Livestream Director: Lengi Jeurissen
Cam A: Rune Vansteenbrugge
Cam B: Luca Salvatore